Schüler*innen müssen mit Sanktionen rechnen, wenn sie auf die Straße gehen. Hier erhalten die Münchner Orga von #FridaysForFuture finanzielle Mittel, um im Falle von Sanktionen gezielt und persönlich unterstützen zu können. #ShareDichDrum @FridayForFuture

is a real masterpiece. Love it so much. 😍 🎸 Can’t wait to see Devin live in two weeks.

Server administration 

I'm in a book! About #knitting! My Grandmas would have been super proud! ;)

Started this months Moms Can Code Challenge! I’m learning all about blockchain 🎉🎉

Who try’s to send me secret smoke signals?? 🤔 I need a translation please. 🤣 Have all a stellar day!

Why are women leaving technology jobs?

In the tech industry, the quit rate is more than twice as high for women as it is for men.

“Unfairness or mistreatment within the work environment was the most frequently cited reason for leaving (for all genders).

The situation for women specifically is far worse as they reportedly “experience or witness” significantly more unfair behavior, according to the same report.

#WomenInTechnology #GirlsWhoCode #Development #Tech

How do you know you‘re a mom on the way to work? You find soap bubbles in your jacket pocket. 🤣


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