@Gargron Good Morning! And it’s actually morning! 😳

@milan I‘m a huge fan. I only run netcup servers. 👍🏻

@JPEG I’m enjoying your app a lot. Thanks for the great work! ☺️

@JPEG Just noticed that when you open Mast and immediately tap on the “Feed”-tab, before it finished loading, the app crashes.

@JPEG The last notification before yours arrived was a poll result btw. Maybe that helps. Thanks for the great app.

@JPEG Great...after receiving the notifications for the messages you just send me the tab works. 🤨

@JPEG When tapping the tab. Haven’t tried a fresh install. Will try that later.

@JPEG The Mast beta always crashes when tapping on „Notifications“ 😞

@Gargron Subscribed to Sky because of it. First episode premieres tomorrow in Germany. Looking forward to it.

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Schüler*innen müssen mit Sanktionen rechnen, wenn sie auf die Straße gehen. Hier erhalten die Münchner Orga von #FridaysForFuture finanzielle Mittel, um im Falle von Sanktionen gezielt und persönlich unterstützen zu können. #ShareDichDrum @FridayForFuture


is a real masterpiece. Love it so much. 😍 🎸 Can’t wait to see Devin live in two weeks.

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